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About PAPIRetc

Hello and welcome to PAPIRetc.

PAPIRetc is an online shop selling beautiful wrapping paper & ribbon, and Danish gourmet liquorice by LAKRIDS by Johan Bülow. I hope you find something that you love.

The luxury wrapping paper at PAPIRetc is matched with complimenting, or contrasting, ribbons so you are ready to wrap your gifts beautifully for friends and family when you receive your delivery. Some papers and ribbons are combined with a decorative little something to give it an extra finishing touch.

If you would like a different combination to those shown, or if you would like larger quantities of wrapping paper or ribbon, please do email me and I will be happy to help.

The wrapping paper will be rolled and posted to you in a poster tube to avoid creasing the lovely paper.

If you have visited the ‘oh so trendy Copenhagen’ in recent years you will no doubt have seen, and hopefully sampled the delicious LAKRIDS by Johan Bülow in the city’s finest shops or in the capital’s airport. You will find all the yummy LAKRIDS flavors available here so treat yourself or your fellow liquorice lovers.

So sit back and enjoy browsing through PAPIRetc – happy shopping!

I started PAPIRetc as I couldn’t buy the type of wrapping paper I wanted to use one Christmas so I set out to find it! It has been a joy to source the beautiful wrapping paper shown here and I was very excited to find my ribbon supplier who also supplies some of the very finest shops in the country. What’s not to love; a large basket of ribbons and rolls of cool wrapping paper.
Selling LAKRIDS by Johan Bülow was a given! I love lakrids and Johan Bülow’s is simply the best. Many people who have grown up with British liquorice say they don’t like the stuff but most love this LAKRIDS once they taste it, its instantly addictive and irresistible!

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions –

Thank you very much for visiting PAPIRetc and all the best,

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